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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child a good fit for Peaks and Bounds 1:1 therapy sessions? 

Does your child experience difficulties/differences with the following items and they are impacting their ability to participate in everyday activities and environments: 

  • Sensory processing (differences in the way they organize/respond to information that comes through the senses) 

    • Sensitivities to sound/smells/touch/taste

    • Seeks input: crashing into things, rough play, clumsy, constantly on the move 

    • Body awareness / spatial orientation

    • Interoception: Recognizing internal signals/sensations (pain, hunger, toileting, etc)

  • Emotional regulation / coping skills 

  • Stress / Anxiety 

  • Visual-perceptual skills 

  • Fine motor strength / coordination 

    • Using utensils

    • Grasping pencil

    • Dressing skills - buttons, clasps, shoelaces, etc. 

  • Gross motor strength/coordination / postural control

  • Independence with dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting 

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Can siblings participate in individual sessions? 

Yes, siblings may participate at no additional cost. Both therapist and OT must feel that it is beneficial for the child, and the child must give their consent to have their sibling participate. 


Do you accept insurance? 

At this time, we do not accept insurance. Upon request, we would be happy to provide you with a superbill that you could submit to insurance to seek reimbursement. Peaks and Bounds does not guarantee insurance reimbursement. 


How many individual sessions are required? 

We recommend starting with 10 sessions. Continuation of services following recommended visits will be evaluated on an individual basis. Therapy may end if all goals have been met/progress plateaus/family requests a break/you feel that your needs or child’s needs will be better met elsewhere. Though we offer packaged pricing, additional pricing options (pay per session) or sliding scale may be explored upon request.


Where are sessions held?

With a focus on nature-based therapy, it is preferred that most sessions occur in outdoor spaces (e.g., local parks or natural areas). This may vary from week to week according to agreed upon locations. However, we may offer home-based services for home assessments. Additionally, telehealth may be offered when a client/caregiver/OT is sick or for severe weather conditions preventing safe travel. 


Do parents/caregivers need to be present for sessions?

We believe that parents and caregivers are a vital part of the therapy process, and can promote generalization of the child’s skills in the home environment. We encourage parent participation during sessions, but it is not required. We do ask that parents remain onsite during therapy sessions. 


What does therapy look like throughout the seasons? 

As we know, Colorado weather can be unpredictable! With that said, it is expected children wear appropriate outdoor play attire. Sessions will be held all year round, rain or snow, as long as there are no threats to health (e.g., wildfire smoke, high wind advisories, wind chill 13 degrees or below) or to the safety of travel. For colder temperatures of 13-31 degrees, sessions will be held in spaces with access to indoor breaks (e.g., child’s home). 


What is your cancellation policy for individual sessions? 

Because we offer package pricing, we do not charge cancellation fees. We do not reimburse for missed visits, but we would be happy to reschedule the appointment or make up the visit in a future week. We understand that things happen, however, we do ask that appointments are canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to the appointment time. 


Is my child a good fit for Peaks and Bounds Nature Camps? 

While our nature camps do not provide specific occupational therapy interventions as our private OT sessions do, they are run by occupational therapists with a strong background in nature-based therapy to ensure that neurodiversity and disability identities are understood, respected, and supported in a camp setting. Camps are child-led, meaning that while activities, sensory environments, materials, and loose schedules are provided, we want to ensure children have the autonomy to engage in activities and sensory experiences of interest and comfort. Child-led play is shown to increase your child's ability to problem-solve, build self-confidence, perseverance, and developmental/sensory skills. Our staff is here to ensure safety, and skilled support in developing sensory, social/emotional, motor, and fine motor skills while providing just-the-right challenge for your child to reach their potential. Please see the following to determine if your child is a good fit for nature camps:

  • Camps are inclusive to all, however, they exist to create a safe space that is catered to children with diagnoses such as; ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, intellectual differences, sensory processing differences, physical disabilities, developmental delays, or no diagnosis at all, but need support with certain skills that they may not receive in other camps.

  • We do ask the following:

    • Your child is able to communicate their needs to the therapist and others (using an adaptive device, pictures, facial expressions, gestures, or verbal words).

    • Your child must be able to stay with the camp in designated farm areas and maintain personal safety with an adult nearby but NOT always within arm’s reach.

    • Children attending camp are also expected to maintain safe behavior that does not endanger other children in the camp.

      • We understand that these things happen sometimes! We want to support your child's experience and will do our best to work with you as a family to ensure that happens. However, in our waiver, there is a detailed incident policy for recurring behaviors to ensure the safety of the camper, peers, and staff.

  • If your child does not yet obtain these skills we would love to aid them in reaching these goals in our private occupational therapy sessions so they can participate in camps in the future. 

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What is your cancellation policy for camps? 

1. Cancellation 60 days or more before camp start date will result in a full refund. 

2. Cancellation of a camp 30-60 prior to the camp start date will result in forfeit of half of the registration fee with refund of the other half.  

3.  Cancellation by the family less than 30 days before camp start time will result in forfeit of the entire registration fee.  

4. Cancellation by the family part way through a camp due to illness or vacation or other unexpected events, cannot be refunded and families forfeit the registration fee.  

 5.  Cancellation of a camp by Peaks & Bounds, Inc because of low numbers, would result in full refund. 

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