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Green Forest

supporting access to nature


Advocating for Neurodiversity & Disability in the Outdoors

Inspired by personal outdoor pursuits, past professional experience, and emerging research on nature-based occupational therapy practice, we developed Peaks and Bounds. At Peaks and Bounds, we aim to provide opportunities for all individuals to experience nature in a supported and therapeutic manner by offering a variety of outdoor programs. We are passionate about supporting individuals as they develop skills, establish connections, and enhance or discover their sense of self through outdoor experiences. Peaks & Bounds programs are inclusive to all, however, our mission is to cultivate spaces and communities that empower and advocate for neurodiversity, sensory differences, disability, and identity. 

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Multi-sensory and developmental outdoor camps supporting sensory systems, motor skills, fine motor skills, emotional regulation, and much more!

Aiding individuals across the lifespan in accessing community and recreation through nature (guided hikes, gardening, etc.) 

 Providing weekly individual sessions, small group sessions, and/or coaching to promote participation in meaningful daily occupations.

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